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Suzugami Foldable Plate – Arare | syouryu


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Suzugami Foldable Plate – Samidare | syouryu


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Bend, Flatten, Bend Again

‘Suzugami’ is a tin product, which is thin like paper and freely malleable. By repeatedly hammering a rolled tin sheet, not only can it become patterned, but it gains a strength that has resistance to repeated bending. Want to easily bend metal to your desired shape? That is the novelty of suzugami.


100% handmade by craftsmen in Japan

Takaoka City in Toyama prefecture, where is known as a city of metalwork. That’s where Suzugami was born. Craftsmen of Suzugami has been a specialist manufacturer of Orinbowl gongs for Buddhist temples since its establishment in 1909.

Suzugami Handmade




3 Designs & Sizes. All Look Different.



Snowflakes dancing in cloudless sunny day left behind this ephemeral layer.



Endless rain in May in the lunar year left behind its unforgettable trajectory.


Ice hails from the sky with rustle left behind traces of their fierceness.


Suzugami 11×11 size image Suzugami 13×13 size image Suzugami 18×18 size image Suzugami 24×24 size image

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