We donated a portion of the sales as disaster relief funds for the Noto Peninsula earthquake to Ishikawa Prefecture.


Kitchen & Dining


“Suzugami” is a totally new sensation of tin that bends freely even though it is made of metal.

Kitchen & Dining

Tajima Glass

Continue to carefully produce Edo glass that meet the needs of the times, one by one, by the hands of our skilled craftsmen.

Kitchen & Dining


Baby and children’s tableware made of gentle natural materials. Good for children’s stable and rich mental growth and thinking.


Chikyu Greeting

The design with depth gives a gorgeous impression.The embossed finish gives the card a sense of depth and power like a cutout picture.

Kitchen & Dining


The “technique” and “beauty” of traditional Arita-yaki porcelain have been passed down through the long history of Arita ware

Interior & Lifestyle, Grocery

Golden Valor

The brand’s proprietary foil decoration technology allows foil decoration on a wide variety of materials.

Kitchen & Dining


Continuing to craft authentic chopsticks from 100% natural Japanese lacquer, The premium collection stands out.



The tea leaves used are extremely rare and certified organic, which only 3% of the tea leaves in Japan are allowed to be..

Kitchen & Dining, Fashion, Art


Beautiful tin products combining Japanese tradition and modern sophisticated design.

Kitchen & Dining

Kutani Ware

Unleash the radiance of Kutani ware. The vibrant colors retain their beauty over time and highly durable.

Kitchen & Dining


Bamboo tableware: Unique texture, smooth feel, and elegant silhouette enhancing natural beauty.

Kitchen & Dining


The warmth and gentleness felt when holding these bowls are embodying the timeless essence of lacquerware.

Interior & Lifestyle


REBONSAI: Where the echoes of ‘reborn’ reverberate through every leaf. Step into a world where each bonsai embodies the spirit of renewal.

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