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Genmaicha (Bag) 【玄米茶】

Genmaicha Powder Bag (1.05oz) | Nodoka


5 Assorted Flavor Powder Sticks (0.07oz x 10 sticks) | Nodoka

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Sencha Powder Bag (1.05oz) | Nodoka


Sencha is grown in the full sun, has a greenish golden color, a refreshing aroma and a good balance between astringency and sweetness. Left to grow in the sunshine increasing the Vitamin C and catechin content in the leaf.

30g (1.05oz) / 30 Servings

Organic Japanese Green Tea.
All nature. Nothing added.
No preservatives. Non-GMO. Gluten Free. Vegan.

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What they value


with the best Together with first-class growers

The tea leaves are produced with great care by Japanese tea farmers in Shizuoka, who have a history of over 70 years.


Safe enough to be eaten

Tea leaves grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers are safe enough to eat.


With versatile powder

Insist on making the tea leaves whole and powdered. Powdered tea leaves are not only more versatile, but also provide the original taste and nutrients of naturally grown tea leaves.


NODOKA is a brand founded in Brooklyn, New York specializing in organic Japanese tea powder.

NODOKA was born out of the desire to “bring authentic Japanese tea to the rest of the world. The tea leaves used are extremely rare and certified organic, which only 3% of the tea leaves in Japan are allowed to be.

With a modern sensibility, we are committed to spreading the new appeal and enjoyment of Japanese tea made with care by Japanese tea farmers in Japan.

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