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Vessel Beer Glass | RIVERET

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Vessel Wine Glass | RIVERET


・Made from bamboo
・6 Layer natural Coating (LOHAS Coat)

With its elegant design, this wine glass enhances the natural flavors of your wine in a way only craftsmanship can achieve.
For instance, when sipping a fruity and dry Chardonnay, you’ll notice how the sharpness mellows and deepens, leaving a memorable impression.
Or, if you prefer a gentle Merlot, you’ll find that the flavors become more concentrated while retaining their softness and smoothness. The moderate tannins and Merlot’s original aroma are also heightened.We invite you to savor the unique taste brought forth by the handcrafted charm of our wine vessel, delivering a gentle and enjoyable drinking experience.

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Living with nature

All RIVERET products are made of natural moso bamboo. Moso bamboo is a natural resource that can be used repeatedly with a minimum amount of land, and is one of the effective ways to utilize resources to control deforestation, which is one of the causes of environmental problems. The craftsmanship of this product conveys a tangible message to the next generation of craftspeople who “living with nature”.


Designed to convey the beauty of natural materials and the craftsmanship of our master artisans in a deeper and clearer way. We propose unprecedented natural tableware that blends in with various scenes of everyday use, without being limited by design.

LOHAS coat

RIVERET’s tableware is all coated with the new LOHAS coating technology, which has been proven to inhibit Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. RIVERET’s tableware is made of natural materials and is safe and secure.

6 Layer Coating

We have developed a proprietary coating that penetrates to the inside of the bamboo so that it can be used in the same way as ceramic and glass tableware. (Coating conforming to the Food Sanitation Law) Prevents color migration and staining of wine, coffee, etc.


All RIVERET tableware is dishwasher safe. All RIVERET tableware is dishwasher safe and has passed the dishwasher/dryer resistance test, which is rare for natural material tableware. Of course, they can be washed with a mild dishwashing detergent just like ceramic or glass tableware.

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