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Embark on a journey of regeneration through the lens of a traditional Japanese art form — bonsai
 Witness the transformation of withered bonsai into a contemporary and enduring expression of timeless art, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with artistic allure
 We are often asked it is real. Yes, “RE BONSAI” is entirely a genuine plant, i.e. the tree, branches, roots, leaves, and  the moss. Proprietary drying technique infuse life into bonsai, creating original art that will endure the test of time. 

Unlike live bonsai,
RE BONSAI is essentially maintenance-free.

RE BONSAI undergoes a meticulous curation process. After carefully selecting bonsai specimens, the soil is cautiously removed, and the bonsai goes through proprietary drying method. Expert pruning is then applied to eliminate unattractive branches and roots. The aesthetic is heightened by the infusion of uniquely preserved leaves.The RE BONSAI process imparts a fresh and innovative dimension that revitalizes the historical essence of the original bonsai. Revel in the artistic curves and beauty naturally found in the bonsai plant; from the roots and bark, to the intricacies of the “JIN(神)” and “SHARI(舎利)”. Branch tips and bark may change their form or peel off, embodying the natural course of art that was once alive. Enjoy witnessing the evolution of the bonsai over time. 

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Artist: Yoshio Suzuki

Born on December 17, 1978 in Edogawa, Tokyo, Yoshio Suzuki’s artistic spirit lies not in the cultivation of living bonsai but in the revitalization of withered bonsai fated for abandonment.

Suzuki orchestrates a metamorphosis, elevating these overlooked bonsai into the realm of “RE BONSAI,” make use of the meticulous drying process, and adorning the bonsai with a kaleidoscope of vibrant and resplendent foliage.

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