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A Beauty of Tin.

“Suzugami”, which means “tin paper” in Japanese, literally is a new tin product that is as thin as paper and can be bent freely. Like as a dish plate, a flower vase and more of your own ideas of use, Suzugami can be anything.

Suzugami top Sizes

History of Japanese Forging into Daily Product

By repeatedly hitting a rolled tin plate with a hammer, it not only gives a pattern but also has the strength to withstand repeated bending. “Suzugami” is a totally new sensation of tin that bends freely even though it is made of metal.

Suzugami Can Become Anything as You Like.

Variety of Ways to Use 

Suzugami Flexible, Foldable Dish Plate 13×13 cm_5
Suzugami sushi plate
Suzugami Flexible, Foldable Dish Plate 11×11 cm_3
Suzugami dish plate
Suzugami variety of uses
Suzugami Flexible, Foldable Dish Plate 13×13 cm_4
Suzugami flower vase

Suzugami can be pretty much anything your need, such as dish plates, flower vases, coasters, and chopstick rests. 

Bend, Flatten, Bend Again

Bend Suzugami to your desired shape, just like paper.
Roll a pin over Suzugami to flatten.
Then Suzugami is back to be bendable again.

Bend Again

‘Suzugami’ is a tin product, which is thin like paper and freely malleable. By repeatedly hammering a rolled tin sheet, not only can it become patterned, but it gains a strength that has resistance to repeated bending. Want to easily bend metal to your desired shape? That is the novelty of suzugami.

Different Finish, Different Look.

Three Types of hammered finishes


Snowflakes dancing in cloudless sunny day left behind this ephemeral layer.


Endless rain in May in the lunar year left behind its unforgettable trajectory.


Ice hails from the sky with rustle left behind traces of their fierceness.

Size Chart

Four sizes for uses

24 × 24cm (9.5″ × 9.5″)

The largest suzugami of 9.5×9.5 inches is the perfect size for use as a serving plate to share out food between guests such as salad or noodles. This largest suzugami is good for other purposes such as for a flower vase as well.

Suzugami 24×24 size image

18 × 18cm (7.1″ × 7.1″)

The 7.1×7.1 inches size suzugami is a great size for serving starters, snacks, or sweets, or for using with sake or coffee. It is the perfect size for serving individual portions.

Suzugami 18×18 size image

13 × 13cm (5.1″ × 5.1″)

The 5.12×5.12 inches size suzugami is greatly used as a side plate or for sweets or small dishes. It is also a good size for displaying other non-food objects.

Suzugami 13×13 size image

11 × 11cm (4.3″ × 4.3″)

The 4.3×4.3 inches size suzugami is of course perfect as an individual side plate, but it can also be used to hold a wet hand towel or food toppings. If you fold the corner, it can also be used as a chopstick or cutlery rest.

Suzugami 13×13 size image

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Suzugami top Sizes

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