We donated a portion of the sales as disaster relief funds for the Noto Peninsula earthquake to Ishikawa Prefecture.

Craftsman's Spirit

Introducing the unknown treasures of Japan to the world.


Japanese craftsmanship has the potential to fascinate people around the world and enrich their daily lives.


Over the next few years, decades, and centuries, we aim to further advance the value of traditional Japanese culture and craftsmanship by creating a place that connects Japan and the world, bringing surprise, excitement, and happiness to many people in the international community.

We Only Deliver Handmade Products.

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We Guarantee the Quality of Products.

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All Products are Made with Passion.


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The spirit of craftsmanship from ancient times lives on today.

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Craftsmanship is an essential part of Japan’s seasonal traditions.

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Looking around the city, craftsmanship is still evident everywhere today.

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Japanese crafts are an important part of our childhood memories.

Craftsmanship_Craftsmen Built Good Old Jaaan

Craftsmen Built

Good Old Japan

The craftsmanship nurtured by Japanese culture and tradition has been passed down for hundreds of years. Masterpieces created with the passion of craftsmen and the traditional skills of artisans continue to exist in unknown forms throughout the country.

Craftsmen are Building

Good Modern Japan

Our goal is to transcend cultural barriers so that people around the world can discover and experience the authentic value and possibilities created by Japanese masters.


We Deliver Not Only Products
But Craftsmanship Too

From Our Hands to Your Hands

Over the years and decades, we hope to continue to expand new possibilities, connecting Japan with the rest of the world.

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